Dear Visitor, you had cyclically-acyclically visited this web-site, before 30 billion years: and you will also visit it, after 30 billion years. Read the book to discover, -- How it is possible according to Ancient Vedic-Science & Modern-Science (Thermodynamics - Laws)?
OM() is the 1st- cosmic-cause of the universe as claimed by philosophy. But, no scientific evidence till date.

A “Cosmocellular-Hypothesis”,  is an extract of 12 years of research-work that lays before you the ultimate authentication of this most ancient and eternal
cosmic-word "OM"(), --- according to Laws of Modern-Science (Particles-&-Waves-Physics and Modern Medical-Science).
No one would have ever read it before.
Through this unified cosmocellular-book, you may realise a psychocosmovisual-journey as from,- every atom &/or cell -----> cosmos, cellular-suspense -----> cosmic-suspense, microscopicstudy -----> telescopic-study, biological-study -----> exobiologicalstudy, psychosomatic-study -----> psychocosmic-study, & at-last Superconscious-Human-Mind (biological-power-point “” the ‘soul’) -----> Cosmic-Master-Mind (Exobiological-Power-Point “” the ‘Supreme- Soul’). Ultimately, herewith, scientifically, soul & Supreme-Soul’s mystery is solved; a subtle cellular-mysteries are solved; a subtle cosmic-mysteries of the physical-universe are solved; & atlast, our most-brain-twisting-concept the ancestral-mystery (of man descended from man only, not from the ape) is also solved, through this millennium-metaphysics the cosmocellular-hypothesis. ..........

{‘Psychovisual’, means, to try to understand visual-symbols (written-words) by our verbal-sense, is known as ‘reading’ (which is influenced by our both the audio-psychic & visuo-psychic faculties). And, ‘Psychocosmovisual-Journey’, means, it’s a journey of reading of the special literatures which cosmocellularly or psychocosmobiologically makes a divine cosmospiritual-link, between the Human-Mind & Cosmic-Master-Mind.}