This biolight-field is generated through a beam of the biophotoelectrons of living-cells, which is biochemically organized through a process, between ATP (Adenotriphosphate), Luciferin & Luciferase enzymes. Actually, our human Living-Cell contains more than 5000 chemical compounds (not chemical elements); and between all of them, there are constantly occurred more than 6 trillion biochemical-action-&-reactions per second to constantly generate biochemical-current; and this biochemical-current is known as "Physiological-Force" or "Life-Force". And finally when this Life-force is neurologically generated from the human brain-cells (Neurons-&-Synapses), then it is neurothelogically known as "Thought-waves". And our every thought-waves are first captured, by our bioelectromagnetic-field (the "Aura"), before to convert into "Action" (Karma). Thus, "thought" is nonmolecularly astral & absolute platform of our each "Action" (Karma).

Indeed, according to ancient Vedic-Science & modern Waves-Physics, not only living-thing, but every nonliving-thing contains "Aura" (electromagnetic-field). In universe, nothing is nonliving-thing, everything is living thing. After-all, "Matter" is nothing but it's a highly condensed light or energy-particles, mostly positively charged proton or graviton particles. Means, energy has first created the matter, not matter has created the energy. Indeed, 99.999% part of every living & nonliving-matter has nonmolecularly contained empty-space of highly zero-charged Dark-Energy, and only its 00.001% part is molecularly solid-state. So, thus, every matter itself is nonmolecularly-molecularly made-up of the dynamic-energy. In such a way, matter-&-energy are not a "Chicken-&-Egg-like" position, which has chronically been debatable since thousands of years.