September 16, 2021

In infinite Lap of the Nature, an Absence of Evidence, does not mean an Evidence of Absence. So, all time our finit physical- Science’s so-called established slogan i.e. “To be Seeing is to be Believing” is not right. And today whole world has just experienced well, with our random-fight against absolute attack of Corona Virus….

July 17, 2021

Cosmocellular-Hypothesis is a Philosophy of everything, i.e. from Cell —–>To—–> Cosmos.

July 15, 2021

An invisible virtual-reality of the ‘Spontaneousness’ (Autoismness) is a basic nature of the ‘Time-Autocracy’ of the Godfather-like “Constant-Space-Time (Mahakal)” of universe. And such Autoismness (Cosmismness or Omismness) is later cosmo-inheritively encoded in every atom (as atomismness), in every living-cell (as (celluismness or bioismness) to grow & expand spontaneously or automatically. ‘Virtual-Reality”, means, it can never…

July 15, 2021

OM(ॐ) is the 1st- cosmic-cause of the universe as claimed by philosophy. But, No Scientific Evidence Till date.  A “COSMOCELLULAR-HYPOTHESIS”, is an extract of 22 years of research-work that lays before you the ultimate authentication of this most ancient and eternal cosmic-word “OM”(ॐ), — According to Laws of modern science (Particles- &-waves physics and modern…