October 12, 2022

Indeed, all kind of the plant-kingdoms & animal-kingdoms on the earth, had reproduced, are reproducing & will reproduce from their same species only. Thus, our ancestors were not apes, but they were same as we look today. ….. How according to such joint-theory of cosmocellular-ancestory (and waves-&-particles-physics) as well as cytocosmic-ancestory, —- can trace back us to…

July 26, 2022

“Auto-Peep” (Occult-Peep), is an unexpected-Peep which is generated, when a premature or early- breath is delivered before expiration is actually completed to result as air-trapping in lungs, in pt who is on mechanical ventilator. Later, such progressively Auto-peep causes for hyperinflation of alveoli to rupture and results into barotrauma, hypotension, reduced PaO2.

July 19, 2022

“Meditation” is physiospiritually nothing but it’s a Transient, between Consciousness & Unconsciousness. Likewise, “Shock” is pathophysiologically nothing but it’s a Transient, between Life & Death. …….. Cosmocellular-Hypothesis .

April 2, 2022

During impact of RTA (road traffic accident), the energy delivered by external source (mechanics) of moving vehicle, is now released when the car is stopped. And its body is also moving at the same speed as the car. And his body does not have a bumpers to absorb the released energy from stopping. If such…