Actually, it will be our insufficient efforts to know the effect of trance-meditation (TM) or superconscious-mind’s-power, without properly & unbiasly understanding the scientific psychosomatic-mech-anism of hypnosis / self-hypnosis. If, we are not agreed with the effect of trance-meditation or influence of the superconscious-mind; that means, we are also not agreed with the scientifically proved “effects of the hypnosis / self- hypnosis”. Actually, our modern-medicine has forgotten about the potential-strength of the human-mind; due to, its successful (but one-sided) running behind a powerful materialistic-drugs only. No doubt, such its powerful mate-rialistic-drugs are absolutely succeeded, to explore so many myster-ies of the physical-body. But, it has yet not been succeeded to reach the rest two bodies of the nature’s triple-creations of human-body; and that are the astral-body the ‘aura‘ & subtle-body the biolight-spectrum or biological-power-point the ‘soul’ (). On the other hand, an ancient Indian vedic-science has explored so many mysterious-matters of these all three bodies / worlds, that are the purely – molecular – based material or physical – world, dually – nonmolecularly-molecular- based vital or astral-world & purely-nonmolecular-based causal or subtle-world. And they all are orga-nized, by a universal-law of the ‘triple-creations / phenomena of nature’, as in an order to create & maintain their interrelated-&-interdependent cosmic-trio.