Actually, in this cosmocellular-hypothesis, to explain widely about the Creator of universe, I have neutrally (& revivalarily) tried to explain about the different nature’s -phenomena, which daily take-place around us as well as within us, as in a different waves-forms of energy. Hence, mostly, in every philosophy / science, it is commonly said that the God is the nature (energy) & nature is the God (energy). That’s why, also in ancient Indian vedic-science, it is frequently said like, “to try to read or understand the nature’s-phenomena / laws, is to try to know the God’s-Mind or Cosmic -Mind (i.e. called as an ‘intellec-tual-love / worship’ towards the nature / God); after-all, different nature’s-phenomena are nothing but they are the God’s different teleological-(aimful)-wishes, behind different creations of the uni-verse”. So, in such a way, here it will not be exaggerated to say that this book is for the nature’s-religion, rather than a book of any man-made-religion. (Indeed, for this book, it can be said as, “it’s a life-philosophy or cell-philosophy / the space-philosophy / medical-philosophy / quan-tum-philosophy or photon-photoelectron-philosophy / soul’s-philoso-phy, but definitely it is not a religious-philosophy”.) In short, in this book, it is neutrally tried, to show or convey the straightway-message of the ancient vedic-science (nature’s-science) to our today’s modern-science (machine’s-science).