After-all, the nonmolecular- mental-force & its action-induc-ing thoughts are absolutely free from their intrinsically molecu-lar-based reference physical-organ the human-brain, according to a law of the physical-independence of the forces. That means,they are invisibly (nonmolecularly) existed in our molecular-based physical- body; but they (neurotachyons) are yet nonmolecularly-mo-lecularly (cosmocellularly) as well as molecularly-nonmolecularly (cytocosmically) able to travel in both the astral & subtle-worlds, at the speed of light or more than a speed of light (i.e. at the speed of thought), because of, such their absolute-physical-independence. [Where the term, ‘Cosmocellular’, means, the nonmolecular-energy- waves of the subtle-universe or cosmos which are nonmolecularly referred to (mostly photoelectrically) act on a molecular-cells of the physical-body / physical- universe, as in a nonmolecularly-molecularly-referring – disciplines . While, in the terms, ‘ C y t o c o s m i c ’ or ‘Cytopsychocosmic’, ‘cyto’, means, the cell, and‘cosmic’, means,pertaining to the space or universe, and ‘psycho’, means, pertaining to mind / brain; thus, the terms ‘cytocosmic’ or ‘cytopsychocosmic’ jointly means,– the molecular cell which molecularly-nonmolecularly & reciprocally releases or refers its cellular or biological (&/or neuro-biological -waves) of a stream of the biophotoelectrons in its sur-roundings / & also in surrounding nonmolecular-empty-space of the cosmos or universe. Thus, the term ‘cosmocellular’ is actionwise op-posite to the term ‘cytocosmic’; where a cosmocellular-action is purely related with a nonmolecularly-molecular-mechanism; while, a cytocosmic-action is purely related with a molecularly-nonmolecular-mechanism. Indeed, these both cosmocellular & cytocosmic -/-cytopsychocosmic-forces are simultaneously & reciprocally trying toattract / influence each other. Likewise, the sun attracts or influences the earth, earth attracts / influences its every smallest & biggest mat-ter including moon etc.. Not only the sun attracts / influences our earth, or the earth attracts / influences its every smallest & biggest matter; but, where, its (earth’s) every smallest-matter (terrestrial-atom living-cell) to biggest matter (the moon) also attracts / influences the earth, simultaneously & reciprocally. Thus, for example,- the sun-&-earth (and the earth-&-moon etc.) both exert a pull-effects on each other; so if the moon was composed of liquids or gases in its atmo-sphere, then it would tend to bulge out in the direction of such pull, and this is called ‘Tidal-Effect’, in modern-astrophysics. However the moon is solid, the tidal-effect does not result in any noticeable dis-tortion of its shape, unlike the distortion of the shape of earth; but nevertheless the imbalance of such forces which are created by the tidal-effect that manifests itself in other ways. All these things mean that an every atom / cell & its surrounding big-matter (viz. the earth, moon, sun & universe etc) reciprocally & simultaneously induce / ap-ply the tidal-force to influence / attract each other. And such tidal-ef-fect of the living-cell on the earth (moon, star & universe etc.), which takes-place in orders of the cell (celluism / bioism) —–> cosmos (Cosmism / Omism) , is called ‘cytocosmic – force’ or ‘cytopsychocosmic-force’; while similarly the tidal-effect of cosmic-en-ergy of the whole universe on every living-cell of every living-being / plants, which takes-place as in orders of the cosmos (Cosmism / Omism) —–> cell (celluism / bioism), is photoelectrically called as ‘cosmocellular-force’.] ……….