In short, thus, the ‘meditation’ does not mean to sit with just closed-eyes only. But, such their research-making strong mental-concentration behind the observation or study of any nature’s-phe-nomena, is also known as an “intellectual-meditation”. And their such intellectual-meditation-based vedic-knowledge were represent before the man-kind, in a different branches of the vedas & upnishads, to unifyingly-explain the theological-&-teleological-mean-ings of the cosmocellular-visit of every one on the earth.
In short, in such a way, this c o s o m o c e l l u l a r – b o o k (cosmocellular-hypothesis or cosmocellular -encyclopedia) is pre-pared as a “science-complex”, i.e. on a base of different subjects of the ancient & modern sciences. So, through its systematic & hypotheti-cal explanations (with a number of colored-pictures), readers may realise

  1. pleasure (as the home-visit of) ‘science-city’ (as cosmocellular-city or cosmocellular-world). Actually, to all the old & new-sciences,it is impossible to make a unified-theory, to get the absolute-knowledge about the Creator. Because, before Him, our all the physical-laws or theories are broken-down. But, we may reach Him, through such Theoexobiological-approaches, i.e. through a unified cosmocellular-hypothesis or ‘Theobiophysics’.
    For this book, I should also not use the term a “unified -theory”. But, I should use the term “unified-hypothesis”. Because, ‘theory’ means, ‘proposition’, or a systematically generalization which is sup-ported by the absolutely controlled-experiments which prove the doc-trines. While, ‘hypothesis’, means, ‘supposition’, which is going to prove one’s rational logic or concept; or hypothesis is just reasoned-explanation of previous- ideas, through a rational-guess, which are incompleted till they could not prove their authenticity. No doubt, hypoth-esis is a one of the important steps of the actual-experiment, to know the effects of that actual-experiment. Actually, still, there is no perma-nent physical-theory. Means, our all the physical-theories are provisional. Because, you can not say that in future, no one can contradict or chal-lenge your theory. Thus, in this book, many times, I have innocently & hypothetically tried, to explain even the known nature’s-phenomena, to get a better knowledge about the God (& God-finding-way the ‘medita-tion’). After-all, a philosophical or hypothetical curiosity, is the basicnature of human-being.

Virtually, ‘meditation’ does not mean to sit with just a closed-eyes, with a remembrance of one’s most- believed-God only. But, every positive & contemplative-work, is known as the “(intellectual)- medita-tion”. For example : A search of the “law of gravitation”, was just be-cause of a highly contemplative-mind of the great scientist, Sir. Isaac Newton. Before Newton, everyone knew that everything is falling on the earth. But, about the same & known concept of “a falling of everything on the earth”, he contemplatively-thought (meditated)differently (that was intellectually), worked differently & concluded dif-ferently. (If there had been someone else, he would have picked-up the apple, and might have eaten it. What would you & I do? ) Means, a matter of the “falling of everything on earth”, is the same for all of us. Which is a very common, known & daily- phenomenon of the nature. But, only Newton-like people always think differently about the every aspect / event of the nature. Even a creation of the entire universe is also occurred, because of, the great “Contemplative-Cosmic- Mas-ter- Mind”. Actually, to try to explain or work differently about evenany known matter or event, is also known as a “research-work”. (Hence, all the scientists / philosphers / artists etc., are not the ‘creator’; but they all are just as a ‘founder’ of the whatsoever they have searched out; only God is the Creator of everything of universe.) After-all, a mechanism of meditation is just like a practical-(& positively)-diversion of the mental-energy.