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  • Indeed, all kind of the plant-kingdoms & animal-kingdoms on the earth, had reproduced, are reproducing & will reproduce from their same species only. Thus, our ancestors were not apes, but they were same as we look today. ….. How according to such joint-theory of cosmocellular-ancestory (and waves-&-particles-physics) as well as cytocosmic-ancestory, —- can trace back us to Vedic-belief or philosophical-belief (which strongly prevailed before Charles Darwin) about the evolution of life on the earth that each living-species evolved separately & that none had changed their forms? That means, how a man evolved from a man only, not from the ape or other species. In other words, man has descended from man only , & rat from rat only; similarly a banyan tree from banyan-tree only, & mango-tree from mango-tree only etc.etc. ? In short, a babool or banyan tree never never gives mango-fruit. How it’s possible according to cosmocellular-ancestory ??

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