According to ancient vedic-science and modern particles-&-waves -physics,– only our “thought-waves-carrying-neurotachyon-par-ticles” of the ‘human-mind’ have the velocity of more than light. So, a regular & sincere-practice of the “zero-velocity of thought” or “zero-

thought-state” of trance- meditation or self-hypnosis, can give you a God-like-eternity / power. These all mean, is that according to physiophysics as well as vedic-science, at the speed of light or more than speed of light, you can be a God-like eternal-entity. And in past, such God-like eternal-entity had also been achieved, by many ancient Indian saints through a trance-meditation-practice, e.g.– Shree Mahrshree Vedvyasji, Shree Parshuram, Shree Hanumanji, Shree Baliraja, Ravan’s brother Shree Vibhishan, Shree Krupacharya, Aswasthama, & Guru shree Swami Sahjand Sarswatiji etc. etc.)……….