In vedic-rationality, logic book it is likewise said like : “Let divine-considerations/learning (of the Cosmic – Master – Mind or Supreme – Soul or Cosmism or Omism) may cosmospiritually come to you (Superconscious-Human-Mind or Soul or Bio-Omism) from every one of the headings of the space . And after that which is all of a sudden and philosophy book cosmocellularly blazing in you, as a solid instinct power to ex-plore the secrets of nature, when you sit for a unique assignment/craftsmanship, either which is philosophical or logical”. … . (OM Shree Ganeshay Namah). — – X — – With every one of these things, this book is devoted to those specialists just as paramedical – people (like sweepers, medical caretakers and research facility – professionals and so forth.), who have been opposed with the demise and yielded their lives, behind the treatment and nursing-care of the dad tients who experienced a specific profoundly irresistible maladies amid plagues, in any edge of the world for reasoning book. — – X — – AN IMPORTANT ASTROBIOLOGYEXPLORING-HYPOTHESIS. As a matter of fact, today, a large number of illustrative – books about the endless ideas of the God, religion, religious philosophy, nature, universe, advancement of life on the earth and past the space, wellbeing and medita-tion (and yoga) and so forth and so on., are existed in an enormous books’- advertise. At that point, for me, what is the need of composing another book on such constant ideas? Its reason is that to peruse such bound together cosmocellular-hypoth-esis, is implied, to endeavor to comprehend the teleological-significance of ourterrestrial-visit, which is first cosmospiritually and then cosmocellularly began from its astronomical or cosmism-level (nonmolecular-state) to cel-lular or celluism-level (atomic state). Each man (it is possible that he is poor or rich, fortunate or unfortunate, theist or nonbeliever, educated or uneducated and so forth.) has all – time-same-covered up powerful urge to know his Creator. After – all,he is the most-darling child of his Godfather. Thus, to achieve his Godfather, he has in every case consistently been making fanciful, religious, philosophical and logical endeavors, since his initial mental-evo-lution. Be that as it may, such his excessively constant – interest has yet not been scientifi-cally fulfilled. Since, his everything such endeavors are neglected to persuade him, normally, to get supreme learning about the God. What’s more, it is preposterous, with no such logical speculation/hypothesis that unifyingly contains every one of the sciences/theories which come, be-tween the molecule/cell — – > to — – > universe. Also, just such uni-fied-like “Cosmocellular-Hypothesis” can tie all the information, every one of the sciences, every one of the religions, every one of the methods of insight, in one-and – a similar string to achieve his definitive – objective the ‘God’. In this way, later, it can sci-entifically be clarified that how the unending Cosmism (Omism) of the universe is generally or inescapably changed over into in-finitesimal atomism of the molecule and celluism (bioism) of the liv-ing-cell, at the limitlessly tiny “cosmocellular-scale”.