In vedic-philosophy, it is also said like : “Let divine-thoughts / knowledge (of the Cosmic – Master – Mind or Supreme – Soul or Cosmism or Omism) may cosmospiritually come to you (Superconscious-Human-Mind or Soul or Bio-Omism) from all the directions of the space . And then which is suddenly & cosmocellularly flashing in you, as a strong-intuition-force to ex-plore the mysteries of nature, when you sit for a special task / art, either which is philosophical or scientific”.(Om Shree Ganeshay Namah).

With all these things, this book is also dedicated to those doctors as well as paramedical -persons (like sweepers, nurses & laboratory -technicians etc.), who have been defied with the death & sacrificed their lives, behind the treatment & nursing-care of the pa-tients who suffered from a certain highly infectious-diseases during epidemics, in any corner of the world.


Actually, today, thousands of explanatory -books about the chronic concepts of the God, religion, theology, nature, universe, evolution of life on the earth & beyond the space, health & medita-tion (& yoga) etc. etc., are existed in a huge books’-market. Then, for me, what is the need of writing another book on such chronic-concepts?

Its reason is that to read such unified-cosmocellular-hypoth-esis, is meant, to try to understand the teleological-importance of ourterrestrial-visit, which is first cosmospiritually & then cosmocellularly started from its cosmic or cosmism-level (nonmolecular-state) to cel-lular or celluism- level (molecular-state). Every man (either he is poor or rich, good or bad, theist or atheist, literate or illiterate etc.) has all -time-same-hidden-strong-desire to know his Creator. After -all,he is the most-beloved-son of his Godfather. Hence, to reach his Godfather, he has always continuously been making mythological, religious, theological & scientific attempts, since his early-mental-evo-lution. But, such his too chronic -curiosity has yet not been scientifi-cally satisfied. Because, his all such efforts are failed to convince him, rationally, to get absolute knowledge about the God. And, it is not possible, without any such scientific-hypothesis / theory that unifyingly contains all the sciences / philosophies which come, be-tween the atom / cell —–> to —–> cosmos. And, only such uni-fied-like “Cosmocellular-Hypothesis” can bind all the knowledge, all the sciences, all the religions, all the philosophies, in one-& -the same thread to reach his ultimate -goal the ‘God’. So, later, it can sci-entifically be explained that how the infinite Cosmism (Omism) of the universe is universally or omnipresently converted into in-finitesimal atomism of the atom & celluism (bioism) of the liv-ing-cell, at the infinitely-infinitesimal “cosmocellular-scale”.