With all these things, I am also a science-study-writer. I have writ-ten a scientific cosmocellular-hypothesis (not thesis). Thus, my autho-rial-culture is mainly developed, on a base of such my triple-nature (AAA) of the anatomist, astronomist & agriculturalist. A writing-work (of its two different volumes) has been continued, since 18th, January, 1999; but its researching-works have already been conitnued, since 1997. A cosmocellular-reality of this work-book is enlightening on a different ancient & modern concepts of the human-life & cosmos-life & their Creator. All the cosmocellular- contents of this book, are based on such more than 14 years of the extensive & experimental-works. In entire books-world, it is first-time happened to make a revivalary-vedic-based-attempt of the millennium-metaphysics (as

a revival-re-entry of the ancient vedic-science) to scientifically reach the truth of,- nature, universe, human-soul (superconscious-human-mind), human-living-cell, & the Supreme-Soul or Cosmic-Master-Mind (the Cre-ator), through such unifying-like cosmocellular-knowledge. [A literary-meaning of the terms, ‘revive’ or ‘revival’, means, to come back to use / attention / consciousness, to come back to life, to come back to natural-life, to live again after dying (i.e. as phoenix-like return of the true-knowledge), to become valid / effective /& operative again etc.]