Its title is, “A JOURNEY FROM MEDITATION TO MODERN- MEDICINE,. . . . . A CHRONOLOGICAL & UNIFIED-HYPOTHETICAL-STUDY OF THE NATURE OF COSMIC-LAWS WHICH ARE SIMILARLY PREVAILED / ACTED, FROM EVERY ATOM (as Atomism) & LIVING- CELL (as Celluism / Cytocosmism &/or Bioism) —-To—> COS-MOS (as Cosmism / Omism)”. It contains different (revivified)-an-cient & modern scientific -concepts which cover mostly all the sciences, which come between the human-science & space-science, i.e. as a study from the cell —–> cosmos, i.e. as a cosmocellular-encyclopedia. So that its main title is followed by a subtitle, “A Cosmocellular-Hy-pothesis”. Means, it is mostly prepared as a ‘science-complex’. It is written on a different important physical-principles of different sciences (like human -anatomy, physiology, electrophysiology, psychobiology, men-tal-science of the hypnotism / trance-meditation, biology, physics, chem-istry, quantum-physics, biological-quantum or soul’s-science, cell-physi-ology, genetic-science, astronomy & exobiology etc.), alongwith a sub-ject of the Theology (vedic-philosophy), to make a unified- hypothesis (or a theory of everything as a ‘Theophysics’) to get a better knowledge about the Creator (or Cosmic-Soul or Supreme-Soul) of the universe.