August 2, 2021

  An Amazing Book of Universe, which welcomes to Still Unwritten Phenomena Showing Nonmolecularly-Molecular Cosmocellular -World  

July 17, 2021

Cosmocellular-Hypothesis is a Cosmic- Philosophy, which covers all the philosophies & sciences that prevail from Cosmos ——> To ——> Cell, as in cosmocellular-order of the Nature.

July 15, 2021

OM(ॐ) is the 1st- cosmic-cause of the universe as claimed by philosophy. But, No Scientific Evidence Till date.  A “COSMOCELLULAR-HYPOTHESIS”, is an extract of 22 years of research-work that lays before you the ultimate authentication of this most ancient and eternal cosmic-word “OM”(ॐ), — According to Laws of modern science (Particles- &-waves physics and modern…