How our finite Physical Universe was Vedically & Thrmodynamically evolved from its subtle but infinite Cosmic-Zero (0) i.e. from Cosmic-Nothingness, under influence of the rotational (spiral) force of Nature  ?

  This centrally located cosmic spiral-force is Vedically explained as OM (ॐ).  And it gives the Vedic-Message, If gone beyond the outer-limits, I (cosmic-word- OM) will be destroyed; but I am absolutely eternal, only because I am always absolutely & exactly at the centre of everything . So, thus, cosmic-word- () is an infinitesimally-infinite chief-cosmic-code (or cosmic-DNA) or centrally-located subtle  Spirally-Rotating cosmic-pacemaker of the whole physical universe ( & its every living & nonliving matter and atom).

Actually, as many number of nonmolecular “OM” (OMs) in the universe, so as number of molecular atoms in the universe, and as many number of (both molecular living-&-nonliving)-atoms in the universe, so as number of nonmolecular “(OMs) in the universe. {That’s why, vedically as well as Theoatomically, the term ‘Atomism’ is nonmolecularly-molecularly defined like, Atomism=Atom+ Omism; (or At + Omism). Also in modern-term the ‘Atom’ (.), such cosmic-word ‘ॐ’ (OM) itself is centrally-located & subtly hidden like, Atom = At + Om. Thus, it shows that is Theoatomically & nonmolecularly-molecularly present at everywhere in the universe. } In such a way , Ohmism or Omism of cosmic-word-“ॐ” (Ohm or OM)is everything in universe; or an everything of universe is occurred At the Om. Where energy-&-matter are constantly, cyclically & nonmolecularly-molecularly interchanged according to Thermodynamics-laws of energy & Dr.Einstein’s famous-equation of the E =MC2. That the total mass-&-energy of the single-supercosmic-atom (.) is as great as that the total mass-&-energy of the whole physical-universe. Thus, Atom (.) is the great universe, within itself. And  its all atomismness of all atomic forces are only organized by its centrally located cosmic spirally rotating cosmic-spacemaker the cosmic word "OM ()".