A 'Zero-Thought' based Trance-Meditation (TM) 'Samadhi' is the death of all negative & positive thoughts, death of all negative (sinful) & positive (sacred) deeds / Karma /actions, death of all desires & aversions, death of our entire mental existence /world. Thus, trance- meditation acts like a Black-Hole that destroys everything related to our past & present life. Our own mind is the seed of everything that we experience. In other words, trance-meditation acts like formating of hard disk to clear the drive to increase its efficiency and  speed. Means, a regular practice of trance meditation creates a potential mental-state which acts like a divine platform. Because, at this stage, Lord Shiva (God of Dhyana) uplifts our souls to 'Moksha' (Liberation). And such our unbound-soul which is free from all past & present life, then merges into Supreme- Soul forever.

“Meditation” is nothing but it is psychophysiologially & artificially induced “Sleepless-Sleep-Stat”. And “Sleep” is nothing but it is naturally induced “Meditationless-Meditation”.

Meditation-Mechanism acts, like a magnifying-lens & solar-rays-theory to minimize our entropy-going weaker kinetic & unwanted-thoughts (which are knowingly-&-unknowingly released @ of about 60000 Thought-waves / day) to focus a stream of neurophotoelectrons , in a single but highly potential-thought-waves to generate a stronger will-power. So, later, which can convert ordinary-sentence into special-slogan.
Meditation is a straightway-message of the Ancient Vedic-science (Nature’s-Science) to Modern-Science (Machine’s-Science), i.e from East to West (for the youth of 21st century of world).

During trance-meditation (TM), Thoughts are absent, but meditator is yet unawarely-aware about that there are no thoughts; ( likewise, a mirror is there but without reflecting the image); even though it suddenly generates “Forcefull-Intuition”.

Actually, a forceful-intuition always comes out in mostly one- line-like-statement of the slogan &/or formula (equation) rather than a number of the ordinary sentences. Hence, such meditation-based slogans of the true-saints, are proved as the truth-finding great philosophy; e.g. a vedic-cosmocellular-slogan,- “Brahmande So Pinde, Pinde So Brahmande ; Parmatma So Atma, Atma So Parmatma (means, whatever is present or occurred in the space, is similarly present or occurred in our human-body / living-cells)”. So, thus, our human-body (& its every living-cell) has covered all the sciences & all the philosophies of world, just in a one- line-but-everything-like-statement of the universal-truth. Another example of such one-line-like-statement of the Vedic-Slogan, is an atom is the great universe, within itself”. While, such contemplative-mental-mechanism-based formula of the rational-scientist is proved as the research-making-clue; e.g. just one-line but special-like-statement of equation of Dr. Einstein, E = mc2, has uproared the whole world. And through a help of such one-line-statment of the slogan &/or formula, any sincere study-writer (all-time-knowledge-hunger) can explain its truth-showing-meanings as in details of the thesis or hypothetical-volume, at any where & in any era. ------------In a sake of simplification, a forceful-intuition is generated from the Meta-Mute-Mind. And where a concentration of such meta-mute-mind (or trance-meditation) is inversely proportional to generate fewer but stronger & potential thought-waves. That means, the fewer the thought-waves, the higher the concentration of mind.