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A Journey From Living Cell to Cosmos.

  • Welcome to still-unwritten-phenomena showing Nonmolecularly-Molecular Cosmocellular-World. Read a special & unique book (Cosmocellular-Hypothesis).


  • Here, during your website Visit, a Cosmocellular-Message of this book,...... you had read before 30 billion years, and will also read after 30 billion years. ..... How it's possible according to universal Ancient-Vedic-Law of the Time-Replication & Thermodynamics-Laws of the Modern-Science (Waves-physics)? ........  No one would have ever read it before.


  • If you don't need any training for your daily natural-sleep; then you also absolutely don't need any mental-training for the self-practice of artificially-induced-sleep i.e. the sleepless-sleep (trance-meditation i.e. self-hypnosis) which is claimed by the today's so-called-meditation-tutors or yoga-guru. How such spontaneous zero-thought- based Trance-Meditation ( TM) is possible ???
  • Indeed, all kind of the plant-kingdoms & animal-kingdoms on the earth, had reproduced, are reproducing & will reproduce from their same species only. Thus, our ancestors were not apes, but they were same as we look today. ..... How according to such joint-theory of cosmocellular-ancestory (and waves-&-particles-physics) as well as cytocosmic-ancestory, ---- can trace back us to Vedic-belief or philosophical-belief (which strongly prevailed before Charles Darwin) about the evolution of life on the earth that each living-species evolved separately & that none had changed their forms? That means, how a man evolved from a man only, not from the ape or other species. In other words, man has descended from man only , & rat from rat only; similarly a banyan tree from banyan-tree only, & mango-tree from mango-tree only etc.etc. ? In short, a babool or banyan tree never never gives mango-fruit. How it's possible according to cosmocellular-ancestory ??

Vedic Meaning of the Cosmic-Word "OM" (ॐ).











If gone beyond the outer limits, I "OM" (ॐ) will be destroyed, but I am absolutely eternal only because I am always absolutely & exactly at the centre of everything of universe. So “OM” (ॐ) is the chief cosmic-code of whole universe.

Means, "OM" (ॐ) is the 1st Cosmic-Cause (Cosmic-Pacemaker) of universe as claimed by philosophy. But no scientific evidence till date. So, here it is Scientifically explained in such unified book “Cosmocellular-Hytpothesis”. It is an extract of 23 years of research-work that lays before you the ultimate authentication of this most ancient & eternal Cosmic-Word “OM” (ॐ) ,…… according to laws of modern-science (Particles & waves physics & modern medical science ).

VedicalIy, it is explained like, …… If gone beyond the outer limits, I 'OM' ()  will be destroyed, but I am absolutely eternal only because I am always absolutely & exactly at the centre of everything of universe. so " OM" () is chief cosmic-code of the whole universe.

Actually, as many number of nonmolecular-energy-code the “” (OMs) in universe, so as number of molecular atoms in the universe; and as many number of (both molecular living-&-nonliving)-atoms in the universe, so as number of nonmolecular “” (Oms) in the universe. {That’s why, vedically as well as  Theoatomically, the term ‘Atomism’ is nonmolecularly-molecularly defined like, Atomism = Atom + Omism ; (or At + Omism). Also in a modern-term the ‘Atom’ (0) , a Cosmic-Word ‘OM’ () is itself centrally-located & subtly hidden like, Atom = At + Om. Thus, it shows that OM () is Theoatomically & nonmolecularly-molecularly present at everywhere in the universe.} In such a way, Ohmism or Omism of Cosmic-Word-“ ॐ” (Ohm or OM) is everything in universe; or an everything of universe is occurred at the Om. Where energy-&-matter are constantly, cyclically & nonmolecularly-molecularly interchanged according to Thermodynamics-laws of energy & Dr. Einstein’s famous-equation of the        E = mc2, that the total mass-&-energy of the Single-Supercosmic-Atom (0),  is as great as that the total mass-&-energy of the whole physical-universe.




About Book

What is Meditation ?

“Meditation” is nothing but it is psychophysiologially & artificially induced “Sleepless-Sleep-Stat”. And “Sleep” is nothing but it is naturally induced “Meditationless-Meditation”.

"Meditation" is physiospiritually nothing but it's a Transient, between Consciousness & Unconsciousness. Likewise, "Shock" is pathophysiologically nothing but it's a Transient, between Life & Death. ........
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What is Aura ?

AURA is nothing but it’s an astral-body to cosmically & bioelectromagnetically generated biolight-field surrounding to physical-body of every living organism.
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Philosophy & Science

Indeed, physical-science has developed much faster than the spiritual-science, since last 4 to 5 centuries. Where the science evolves out with a certain aims of the accuracy & exactitude of the experiments & knowledge.
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