A Journey from Living Cell to Cosmos

OM(ॐ) is the 1st- cosmic-cause of the universe as claimed by philosophy. But, no scientific evidence till date.  A “COSMOCELLULAR-HYPOTHESIS”, is an extract of 23 years of research-work that lays before you the ultimate authentication of this most ancient and eternal cosmic-word "OM"(ॐ), --- According to laws of modern science (Particles- &-waves physics and modern Medical-Science).

A Journey From Living Cell to Cosmos.


Welcome to still-unwritten-phenomena showing Nonmolecularly-Molecular Cosmocellular-World. Read a special & unique book (Cosmocellular-Hypothesis). No one would have ever read it before.

This same Cosmocellular-Message you had read before 30 billion years, and will also read after 30 billion years,.....How it's possible according to universal Ancient-Vedic-Law of the Time-Replication & Thermodynamics-Laws of the Modern-Science (Waves-physics)?


If you don't need any training for your daily natural-sleep; then you also absolutely don't need any mental-training for the self-practice of artificially-induced-sleep i.e. the sleepless-sleep (trance-meditation i.e. self-hypnosis) which is claimed by the today's so-called-meditation-tutors or yoga-guru.


Indeed, all kind of the plant-kingdoms & animal-kingdoms on the earth, had reproduced , are reproducing & will reproduce from their same species only. Thus, our ancestors were not apes, but they were same as we look today. ..... How according to such joint-theory of cosmocellular-ancestory (and waves- &-particles-physics) as well as cytocosmic-ancestory, ---- can trace back us to Vedic-belief or philosophical-belief (which strongly prevailed before Charles Darwin) about the evolution of life on the earth that each living-species evolved separately & that none had changed their forms? That means, how a man evolved from a man only ,not from the ape or other species. In other words, man has descended from man only , & rat from rat only; similarly a banyan tree from banyan-tree only, & mango-tree from mango-tree only etc.etc. ? In short, a babool or banyan tree never never gives mango-fruit.


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Vedic Meaning of the Cosmic-Word "OM" (ॐ).

 If gone beyond the outer limits, I "OM" (ॐ) will be destroyed, but I am absolutely eternal only because I am always absolutely & exactly at the centre of everything of universe. So “OM” (ॐ) is the chief cosmic-code of whole universe.

Means, "OM" (ॐ) is the 1st Cosmic-Cause (Cosmic-Pacemaker) of universe as claimed by philosophy. But no scientific evidence till date. So, here it is Scientifically explained in such unified book “Cosmocellular-Hytpothesis”. It is an extract of 23 years of research-work that lays before you the ultimate authentication of this most ancient & eternal Cosmic-Word “OM” (ॐ) ,…… according to laws of modern-science (Particles & waves physics & modern medical science ).

VedicalIy, it is explained like, …… If gone beyond the outer limits, I 'OM' ()  will be destroyed, but I am absolutely eternal only because I am always absolutely & exactly at the centre of everything of universe. so " OM" () is chief cosmic-code of the whole universe.

Actually, as many number of nonmolecular-energy-code the “” (OMs) in universe, so as number of molecular atoms in the universe; and as many number of (both molecular living-&-nonliving)-atoms in the universe, so as number of nonmolecular “” (Oms) in the universe. {That’s why, vedically as well as  Theoatomically, the term ‘Atomism’ is nonmolecularly-molecularly defined like, Atomism = Atom + Omism ; (or At + Omism). Also in a modern-term the ‘Atom’ (0) , a Cosmic-Word ‘OM’ () is itself centrally-located & subtly hidden like, Atom = At + Om. Thus, it shows that OM () is Theoatomically & nonmolecularly-molecularly present at everywhere in the universe.} In such a way, Ohmism or Omism of Cosmic-Word-“ ॐ” (Ohm or OM) is everything in universe; or an everything of universe is occurred at the Om. Where energy-&-matter are constantly, cyclically & nonmolecularly-molecularly interchanged according to Thermodynamics-laws of energy & Dr. Einstein’s famous-equation of the        E = mc2, that the total mass-&-energy of the Single-Supercosmic-Atom (0),  is as great as that the total mass-&-energy of the whole physical-universe.


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What is Meditation ?

“Meditation” is nothing but it is psychophysiologially & artificially induced “Sleepless-Sleep-Stat”. And “Sleep” is nothing but it is naturally induced “Meditationless-Meditation”.
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What is Aura ?

AURA is nothing but it’s an astral-body to cosmically & bioelectromagnetically generated biolight-field surrounding to physical-body of every living organism.
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Philosophy & Science

Indeed, physical-science has developed much faster than the spiritual-science, since last 4 to 5 centuries. Where the science evolves out with a certain aims of the accuracy & exactitude of the experiments & knowledge.
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Dr. Kamlesh N. Patel.


Dr. Kamlesh Patel born on 15th May, 1964 has mainly been working in the medical field, since 35 years and serving as an ICU-RMO, in several different renowned hospitals of Vadodara city in Gujarat. Apart from being an Anatomical analyst, he is also an astronomer and has been involved in various astronomical activities of the ‘Amateur Astronomers Association of Vadodara (AAAV).’ Alongside that, he is continues with agriculture as part of his Patel community’s heritage. Nature has, knowingly or unknowingly, inspired him to write this book, the beginning of which dates back to the year 1998.

 You can not ignore the fact that sometime you are in search of truth of life, death & purpose of your existence. Here, author biologically explains about 'Life' which is just dynamic-expression of Nature's special nonmolecular-energy-waves at different physical platforms like special molecular-levels of ecosystem of earth. These molecular-levels are biologically called "different Living-Species". This dynamic exchange of energy is scientifically explained to answer the query, "Nothing lives forever, yet life continues, since evolution of the first life on earth".

In, every Era has one Epic (Granth), and Cosmocellular-Hypothesis is undoubtedly an exactly upcoming-epic (as millennium-metaphysics) of new-era. It took author’s more than 22 years, behind its Vedic-Research-Work under neutral scrutinization of modern-science’s laws. So, go for it, don’t waste time, thinking much after the purpose of having it in your special collections for whatever publication / individual useBecause, you can not ignore the fact that somewhere you are in search of Truth of life, death & purpose of your existence. This fact reflects in every paragraph of bookthat leaves reader dumbstruck, by presenting him some still unrevealed mysteries of own life & home the universe.