According to ancient Vedic-science, nature’s-law of Time-Replication as well as 1st Thermodynamic-Law of  Energy —- > Matter —– > Energy,  how both finite-divided-space-time (of finite physical-universe/matter) & infinite-constant-space-time (of infinite cosmic-energy) are responsible for  cyclically as well as in exactly similar or identical-manner of the repetition of every same physical-universe, repetition of every same matter, repetition of every same physical-universe, repetition of every same matter, repetition of every same event of universe /cosmos etc.etc., at the 30 billion years of cosmic-interval ? In a sake of simplification, you have cyclically & repetitively come and will come again  in this world, at every 30 billion years, with your whatever today’s exactly same or identical (similar) physical-appearance with exactly repetition of your every event/though (mental-energy-waves) of your present life. In short, the exact replication of the same physical-universe ( & its every same matter/event) will again occur from the same, at regular cosmic-interval of 30 billion years. Thus, your cyclical & repetitive visit in this world with the same physical appearance followed by exactly similar present life with all the same events / thoughts repeating under the well-planned, fixed cyclical-manner is definitely about to happen every 30 billion years. In other words, you had read this concept before 30 billion years, and will also read the same after 30 billion years, at the same place, according to Nature’s-Law of the Creation, Organization and Destruction cyclically & repetitively, that organize the entire universe in auto-cosmos-regenerating phenomenon. 

And in ancient era, how Vedic-science had developed such Cosmos-Regenerating-Technology to create the parallel-universe from the single atom (·), like an organ-regenerating-technology of the cloning & stem-cell-technology of modern-science? After-all, an atom (·) is the great universe, within itself. According to modern-physics as well as Vedic-formula of ,-“Suxmam  (·) Analpam , Analpam Analpam (·)”; means, “the smaller the physical-capacity (Volume) of matter /atom, the greater the potential of that matter / Atom (·). For example, a number of giant stars engulfing (less than atom’s-size but) infinitesimally-inifinite sized black-hole (·) is an absolute evidence of the strongest nonmolecular-world, it is an absolute evidence of the superiority of nonmolecular-world (energy) over the molecular-world (physical-matter).